About Sistah Space

We work with African heritage women & girls who've experienced domestic or sexual abuse or who have lost a loved one to domestic violence.

Our survivors are from many different sections of the African & Caribbean community, including the Rastafarian/ Grassroots community - who are often on the fringes of society. Rastafarian women are among those who have the highest rate of underreporting. Our specialised service seeks to assist those who are apprehensive about going to mainstream services without support, such as the police and other statutory services.

We provide advice and support as well as practical help by providing hygiene products such as sanitary pads, panties, bras, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps and other essential items (much of which have been donated by the local community).

Our mission is to encourage African heritage survivors/victims to report abuse by providing a safe cultural venue for victims to disclose abuse in a confidential environment, and to encourage community integration. 

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Why We're Needed


We are specialists in the needs of African heritage people. There is an epidemic of domestic and sexual abuse within the African, Caribbean and greater grassroots community that is hardly spoken about. Also, it is essential that mainstream services receive more support to understand cultural issues such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the complex beliefs of the Rastafarian faith.


"Sitting through a court case last year and hearing about the horrific murder of community giant Valerie Forde, and her 22 month old daughter Baby J in 2014 was the final straw for me. Valerie's death was seemingly unavoidable. Now there are three siblings left without a mother. Sistah Space is a place they can go to and see themselves reflected."

- Ngozi Headley (IDVA, ISVA)

It is vital that the family and friends of victims have access to a venue that reflects their cultural heritage and where they can access help in a community environment.

We Need Your Support!

Your support will help send a message to perpetrators everywhere, that the African heritage family is a valued part of a wider community. We will not tolerate abuse in our community and END THE SILENCE ON VIOLENCE.

SISTAH SPACE is run by a team of volunteers. We depend on the community to keep this crucial initiative going.

To meet the needs and ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers who often attend an address or wait in the street at unsociable hours to collect survivors and take them to safety, we need to raise £4000 to purchase a vehicle for Sistah Space.


An additional £2000 will ensure that we can retain the services of an IDVA and ISVA as a sessional for one year as we currently have just one qualified IDVA/ISVA volunteering.

100 % of all donations will go to maintaining and supporting a SISTAH SPACE and its service users.

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